My third great grandma's birth certificate. Gerritjen Bruggink Goldbach (1824 - 1910)


If you would like me to research for you and prepare written reports or documents, this is the category for you.

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James Jorgensen Declaration 1913

Hourly Rate

This is primarily for document retrieval.     I live just north of Austin, Texas.  There are many great libraries and county   seats within a reasonable drive time    that hold documents you may want.  I   will pick them up for you.

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Longhorn Caverns

Lectures or Talks

I am a teacher at heart.  I enjoy working with groups of people and learning new things with them.  If I have some knowledge of a topic and enough preparation time, I am happy to prepare a lecture or talk for your group.

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Dora Felch, My Paternal Great-Grandmother, (1887-1973)

A Few Branches Short

Genealogy research is a never ending process.  We choose to pick a time to formally publish and share what we learned or we publish snippets or individual stories as we find them.  For me, it seems like I am always a few branches short.  I find a document or a photo.  Instead of answering the questions that prompted my search, I seem to have many more questions that need answers.  Who were these people that I have names and dates for?  How did they live?  What did they think about the events occurring round them?

Dora Felch, My Great-Grandmother