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Family Photos

My Story

After burning out from coordinating a program for five years, I was looking for something else to do.  I dabbled with genealogy over 20 years.  My husband suggested I look at it for a new career.  During my research into genealogy careers, I fell in love with military repatriation programs and wanted to help.  Of course, general genealogy research is fascinating too.

To work with repatriation, a researcher needs to be a certified genealogist.  The fast track to earning certification is a formal education.  I researched the formal education opportunities and choose the National Institute of Genealogical Studies American Records Certificate Program.  I completed this 40 course certificate program May 2018.  Then I am on to the Board for Certification of Genealogists and certification.


Meet the Team

In this case, the team is just me.

1970 10b no__010

Age 2 to 3

Debbe Tipping, P.L.C.G.S.

I need to have a current, professional portrait taken.