I have the following one hour lectures or talks prepared.

African American Research : Before and After Emancipation – a look at the records created for African Americans after emancipation, during the civil war, and during slavery

Basic Genealogy Records – an overview of Vital Records (birth, marriage, death), Censuses, Land Records, and Religious Records

How Can I Use DNA to Help My Genealogy Research? – an absolutely beginning talk about DNA and genealogical research

Immigration and Naturalization Records – a look at Passenger Lists, Border Crossings, Passport Applications, Foreign Departures & Emigration Records, Additional Sources of Information, information about U.S. Naturalization and the records it creates.

Intermediate Records (or Beyond the Basic Records) – exploring Cemetery and Mortuary records, Immigration & Naturalization records, Probate records, and Migration Patterns

Introduction to Genealogy Research – a guide to beginning genealogy research, why research, where do I start, where do I record information, what information do I record, simple source citation format, research log, where to look, quick intro to DNA, where do I go for help

Probate Records – when were they created, types of documents they include, English Common Law and Spanish Community Property Law, and guardianship

Publishing Your Family History – charts, books and creative ways to share your work

Strategies for Breaking Down Brick Walls – what do I know, how do I know it, research log, timelines, records to search, FAN and Cluster research, proof arguments

Strategies for Foreign Research – featuring FamilySearch Research Wikis,  and World GenWeb

U.S. Censuses Overview – a quick overview of the censuses, new census questions, special schedules, cautions for interpreting the data, a photo of the burned 1890 census

I can prepare additional lectures given enough advance notice and if it is a subject I am familiar with.  Please refer to the American Records Certificate through the National Institute of Genealogical Studies https://genealogicalstudies.com/ to see topics I have studied.

~Debbe Tipping, P.L.C.G.S.