I have the following one hour lectures or talks prepared.

African American Research : Before and After Emancipation – a look at the records created for African Americans after emancipation, during the civil war, and during slavery

Basic Genealogy Records – an overview of Vital Records (birth, marriage, death), Censuses, Land Records, and Religious Records

How Can I Use DNA to Help My Genealogy Research? – an absolutely beginning talk about DNA and genealogical research

Immigration and Naturalization Records – a look at Passenger Lists, Border Crossings, Passport Applications, Foreign Departures & Emigration Records, Additional Sources of Information, information about U.S. Naturalization and the records it creates.

Intermediate Records (or Beyond the Basic Records) – exploring Cemetery and Mortuary records, Immigration & Naturalization records, Probate records, and Migration Patterns

Introduction to Genealogy Research – a guide to beginning genealogy research, why research, where do I start, where do I record information, what information do I record, simple source citation format, research log, where to look, quick intro to DNA, where do I go for help

Probate Records – when were they created, types of documents they include, English Common Law and Spanish Community Property Law, and guardianship

Publishing Your Family History – what are the options for publishing your family history?  We will explore options for publishing books, charts, and other creative ways to share your work.

Researching Common Name (Same Name) Strategies – when you find common surnames and/or several people with the same name in the same location it can be difficult to sort everyone out.  This talk gives you strategies to tackle this issue.

Strategies for Breaking Down Brick Walls –  A brick wall is a place where we are stuck in our research for a particular ancestor.  How do we get past these brick walls to keep our research going?  This presentation will discuss reviewing what we know and how we know it.  Then we look at strategies to help us like research logs, timelines, records to search, FAN and Cluster research, and proof arguments to bust through these struggles in our research.

Strategies for Foreign Research – featuring FamilySearch Research Wikis,  and World GenWeb

Using DNA in Genealogy – you just received your DNA results, now what?  This talk goes through the first analysis of your DNA results from 23andMe, Ancestry, FTDNA, and My Heritage.

U.S. Censuses Overview – a quick overview of the censuses, new census questions, special schedules, cautions for interpreting the data, a photo of the burned 1890 census

I can prepare additional lectures given enough advance notice and if it is a subject I am familiar with.  Please refer to the American Records Certificate through the National Institute of Genealogical Studies https://genealogicalstudies.com/ to see topics I have studied.

~Debbe Tipping, P.L.C.G.S.